The International Learning Center began in September of 2017 with a vision for teaching the English language to first generation immigrants, primarily targeting people within a 5-mile radius of our church. We are excited to report that over 150 students signed up to learning English during our inaugural Fall semester! We have learned that as our students become more fluent in English, they are tooled to socialize within the American culture, to communicate at the grocery store, in restaurants, and on their job sites. For many, learning the English language helps them on their path towards American citizenship.


Class Times
  • Sundays ~ 4:30-7:00pm
  • Tuesdays ~ 8:30-11:00am
Class Locations
  • F-Building Hallway (Small Group)
  • Gathering Place (Large Group)
Class Structure
  • Small Group class time (2 teachers ~ 10 students)
  • Large Group reading time (Gathering Place)
Sign Up or Ask Questions
  • Classes are FREE
  • Materials are $20 per student
Additional Information
  • Childcare for preschool children is provided for FREE!
  • A study buddies program is offered for school age children
  • Activities for students (teens) are offered in the gym
  • Facebook Page