December Bible Reading Plan

December 1 – PSALM 132-134
Pray for Psalm 133:1 for your relationships, family and the church. Pray for unity to be experienced by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

December 2 – PSALM 135–136
Grow deeper in your love with the Lord by reflecting on the Lord’s Greatness. How has God displayed the greatness of His power and mercy in history? Reflect on how He has displayed his great love for you. Respond by writing out a prayer of your heart response to His greatness of power and mercy.

December 3 – PSALM 137-138
Grow deeper in love with the Lord by practicing thanksgiving in all things. As you read Psalm 138, bow on your knees and pray this chapter as an expression of your heart to God.

December 4 – PSALM 139–141
God knows you intimately. As you read these psalms, respond with your heart to God. What does God knowing you deeply do to your heart?

December 5 – PSALM 142–150
As we complete our reading of the book of Psalms, reflect on ways you have grown deeper in love with the Lord over the past two months. What new ways have you expressed your devotion to Him?

December 6 – MATTHEW 1:1–17 ; REVELATION 1
What comfort can be experienced by Jesus’ promise in Revelation 1:18? Receive His comfort.

December 7 – MATTHEW 1:19–24; REVELATION 2
Meditate on Revelation 2:1 – Jesus walking with His people in troubled times. Reflect on His presence with you as you face challenges. What does that do to your heart?

December 8 – MATTHEW 1:21; REVELATION 3
Reflect on Revelation 3:20 Jesus’ invitation to you this Christmas. Respond Jesus’ call and give Him full access to your heart and relationships.

December 9 – LUKE 1:41–43; REVELATION 4
Where is the source of Joy found in Mary’s conversation with Elizabeth? Where can you discover joy in Revelation 4?

December 10 – LUKE 2:1–7 ; REVELATION 5
What is so significant about this baby born in humble beginnings as you reflect on the future revealed in Revelation 5?

December 11 – LUKE 2:8–12; REVELATION 6
Where can Good News be found in a world full of trouble? Prayerfully share this good news with someone in your traffic-patterns.

December 12 – LUKE 2:10–12; REVELATION 7
Imagine the vision of Revelation 7:9 being a reality. Celebrate Jesus being the Savior of the world. The glory of God appeared to shepherds. Give thanks that Jesus came to save people like you. Pray for people different than you to encounter Jesus’ love.

December 13 – LUKE 2:13–14; REVELATION 8
Reflect on Angels being God’s messengers to deliver important messages. What message is being delivered for the future of the world? Pray for the peace of God to be declared to unreached peoples without the Gospel.

December 14 – LUKE 2:15–18; REVELATION 9
Consider - what changes human hearts? The shepherds were changed by the message of God’s mercy, but the people of the earth were not changed by the judgments of God. Reflect on Romans 2: 4 of what leads you to repentance. Pray for change to occur in your heart and those around you.

December 15 – LUKE 2:19; REVELATION 10
Think about Mary meditating on all that occurred in the birth of Jesus. What do you think caused her greatest joy? What may have caused her greatest concern? In Revelation 10, John is told to eat the scroll. Pray for the Spirit to allow you to internalize the Word.

December 16 – LUKE 1:26–33; REVELATION 11
Revelation 11:15 gives us God’s vision for what this world will one day become. Who will reign over the kingdoms of this earth forever? Pray for God’s kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven. Consider where you can spread His kingdom of love today.

December 17 – LUKE 1:34–37; REVELATION 12
Focus on Revelation 12:10,11. The devil is described as ‘the accuser.’ Notice from the text - How can you overcome the accusations of the evil one? Pray for spiritual breakthroughs in your life, confessing the promise of Luke 1:37 – “For nothing shall be impossible with God”

December 18 – LUKE 1:38; REVELATION 13
Express Mary’s prayer of surrender your prayer today. Listen to the Spirit speaking to
you with an attentive heart – see Revelation 13:9.

December 19 – LUKE 1:46–55; REVELATION 14
Reflect on Revelation 14:14. Worship this One who is coming on the clouds – He will judge the earth; yet He has become our Savior! Express worship to the Lord by praying the words of Mary in Luke 1: 46–55.

December 20 – MATTHEW 2:1–12; REVELATION 15
The Magi represent people from the nations who come to worship Jesus. Reflect on Revelation 15:3,4 and pray with compassion for over 3,000 people groups who have not yet come to worship Jesus as King.

December 21 – JOHN 14:1–5; REVELATION 16
As you read Revelation 16, allow gratitude to fill your heart that God has saved you from future judgment. Write down a prayer of thanksgiving expressing your heart to God. Reflect on Jesus’ words of promise in John 14:1–5.

December 22 – JOHN 16:33; REVELATION 17
Revelation 17 is filled with symbolism and prophetic meaning; Focus on verse 14. What does this promise do to your heart? Rehearse John 16:33 over in your heart and allow Jesus’ cheer to fill you today.

December 23 – 1 JOHN 2:15–17; REVELATION 18
Revelation 18 describes the temporary nature of the world systems dominated by darkness. Reflect on 1 John 2:15–17. Reflect on why it is important to follow Jesus today. Write out a prayer to Jesus of your desire to follow Him and serve His eternal kingdom.

December 24 – JOHN 14:27-31; REVELATION 19
Jesus told His disciples that He was going away and promised lasting peace. Picture the return of Jesus in Revelation 19 and you being with Him. How does this promise give you peace when facing challenges? Meditate - The Jesus riding triumphantly on the white horse is FOR you!

December 25 – MATTHEW 2:9–11; REVELATION 20
Read Revelation 20:6 as a Christmas blessing over you and your family. Take comfort that this baby who was born in Bethlehem will defeat the devil as the Glorious King over the universe. Express your heart of worship of King Jesus! Picture yourself as one of the Wise Men bowing before Jesus, presenting gifts of worship.

December 26 – ISAIAH 43:18–19; REVELATION 21
Christmas is not over; the celebration of Jesus has just begun! Claim the promise of 21:5 – “Behold, I am making everything new.” As we come to the end of a challenging year, what new things might the Lord want to do in the future? Mediate on Isaiah 43:18–19 and pray in hope for new things.

December 27 – JOHN 14:1–5; REVELATION 22
Jesus promises, “ I will come again and receive you to myself… I am coming soon!” How does this promise impact your thinking for the new year? Write a prayer expressing your heart of faith and surrender to follow Jesus. Express your heart of hopeful anticipation.

December 28 – GENESIS Chapters 1–12
As we round out the year in our Bible reading plan, let’s read together the Book of Genesis as Pastor Michael will begin a new sermon series ‘RESET – Back to the Beginning’ on January 3rd. Together let’s spend the next 4 days overviewing the book in anticipation of what new things the Lord might want to do in our lives. On January 1st, we will read one chapter of Genesis a day – reflecting and responding what the Lord is speaking into our lives. As you read These opening 12 chapters, what are the major events recorded in these chapters? What do you learn about God? What do you learn about man? How does this apply
to your daily life?

December 29 – GENESIS Chapters 13-24
What are the major events in these chapters? Look for promises of God made then which have been fulfilled. How does the fact that God is faithful to His promises affect your heart? Write out a prayer responding in faith to one of His promises.

December 30 – GENESIS Chapters 25-36
As you read this section, are there any examples of faith you desire to emulate? What do you learn about God? What do you learn about man? How does this apply to your life? Pray specifically for your family and relationships.

December 31 – GENESIS Chapters 37-50
The story of Joseph is one of inspiration, betrayal, difficulty and exaltation. Write down life-lessons you can learn from Joseph’s life. Focus on Joseph’s words to His brothers in 50:20. Reflect on difficult circumstances that have resulted in good outcomes for your life.