2021 Bible Reading Plan

"...Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path..." - Psalm 119:105


January 1 – GENESIS 1 [Genesis 1-11: YouVersion Genesis Plan 1]
January 2 – GENESIS 2
January 3 – GENESIS 3
January 4 – GENESIS 4
January 5 – GENESIS 5
January 6 – GENESIS 6
January 7 – GENESIS 7
January 8 – GENESIS 8
January 9 – GENESIS 9
January 10 – GENESIS 10
January 11 – GENESIS 11
January 12 – GENESIS 12 [Genesis 12-23: YouVersion Genesis Plan 2]
January 13 – GENESIS 13
January 14 – GENESIS 14
January 15 – GENESIS 15
January 16 – GENESIS 16
January 17 – GENESIS 17
January 18 – GENESIS 18
January 19 – GENESIS 19
January 20 – GENESIS 20
January 21 – GENESIS 21
January 22 – GENESIS 22
January 23 – GENESIS 23
January 24 – GENESIS 24 [Genesis 24-36: YouVersion Genesis Plan 3]
January 25 – GENESIS 25
January 26 – GENESIS 26
January 27 – GENESIS 27
January 28 – GENESIS 28
January 29 – GENESIS 29
January 30 – GENESIS 30
January 31 – GENESIS 31


February 1 – GENESIS 32 
February 2 – GENESIS 33
February 3 – GENESIS 34
February 4 – GENESIS 35
February 5 – GENESIS 36
February 6 – GENESIS 37 [Genesis 37-50: YouVersion Genesis Plan 4]
February 7 – GENESIS 38
February 8 – GENESIS 39
February 9 – GENESIS 40
February 10 – GENESIS 41
February 11 – GENESIS 42
February 12 – GENESIS 43
February 13 – GENESIS 44
February 14 – GENESIS 45
February 15 – GENESIS 46
February 16 – GENESIS 47
February 17 – GENESIS 48
February 18 – GENESIS 49
February 19 – GENESIS 50
February 20 – MATTHEW 1 [Matthew 1-7: YouVersion Matthew Plan 1

(v2) Have you ever thought, “I’m just one person, what can I do?” Do you ever feel small considering the struggles and think I can’t make a difference? God placed you on earth for a reason and with a purpose. That purpose impacts generations. Not every ancestor of Jesus trusted in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The four women mentioned in this chapter would have seemed scandalous to mention in the ancestral tree of the Messiah. Still, the Lord worked through the sinful sons of David to bring about the Messiah and our salvation. Take some time to think about the people in your life—family, friends, co-workers, etc. How is your life influencing them and their future? Ask the Lord to give you specific names and agree the Lord about how to influence their future and your legacy.

February 21 – MATTHEW 2

(v3) When King Herod heard that the king of the Jews was born, his expectation was that his throne was in jeopardy. When Jesus was born into the world, people began to react. His presence did not soothe and comfort most people; instead it startled and disturbed them. Things have not changed that much. Jesus still upends, stretches, and disrupts us. Because God entered our world when Jesus was born, we dare not sit idly by, ignoring and rationalizing our inaction. We must acknowledge that Jesus is the rightful King of our lives and join with Him to build His eternal kingdom. Have you experienced the coming of Jesus into your life? Spend time in thanksgiving that you are transformed by the love of Jesus. Pray and ask the Lord who He wants you to share His love with today or in the coming weeks? Share your plan with a near one.

February 22 – MATTHEW 3

(vv8-10) In Jesus’ day, people were dropping the name of Abraham as a means of righteousness. We cannot serve God in name only. God’s people must produce fruit that gives life and that will last. Point people to Jesus not to other people—name dropping. Is your life bearing good fruit? How are your good deeds expressing God’s love for others? Spend some time expressing your gratitude to God that your life is a witness of God’s love by the fruit it produces. Who in the traffic pattern of your life can you share the love of Jesus with today? Ask God! He’ll tell you.

February 23 – MATTHEW 4

(v17) Jesus started His ministry with the same word the people heard from John the Baptist: Repent. The message is the same today as Jesus and John gave it. Becoming a follower of Jesus means turning away from our self-centeredness and from having control and turning our lives over to Jesus’ direction and control. Take some time in the presence of the Lord and pray like David “search me O God.” Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you anything in your life of which you need to repent. With whom can you share the loving message of repentance? Don’t put it off!

February 24 – MATTHEW 5

(vv13-14) If a seasoning has no flavor, it has no value. If a light is covered and hidden, it has no illumination. If Christians make no effort to affect the world around them with the love of Jesus, they are of little value in representing God’s presence in this world. Can you hide a city that is sitting on top of a hill? If we live for Jesus, we will glow like lights shining brightly with love. Are you a beacon of love? Don’t shut your light off from the rest of the world. The world needs the bright light of Jesus that is in you. How can you share the light with those around you? Ask the Lord to give you opportunities throughout your daily activities to be salt and light in your world.

February 25 – MATTHEW 6

(vv14-15) Jesus gives us a startling warning about forgiveness. If we refuse to forgive others, God will also refuse to forgive us. Why? Because by not forgiving others, we deny our common ground as sinners in need of God’s forgiveness and we break the family relationship God wants us to have with all people. We can easily ask God for forgiveness for ourselves but then hang on to grudges toward others who are difficult to forgive. Is there someone you need to forgive for a wrong against you or someone you love? Is there someone in your life you need to ask for forgiveness? Ask God to reveal where forgiveness needs to be given. Pray for strength and courage to forgive.

February 26 – MATTHEW 7

(v12) We complicate things with words, concepts and analyses. It’s not rocket science. From Genesis to Revelation—love God, love people. The golden rule as Jesus formulated it is the foundation of active goodness and mercy—love in action—the kind of love God shows to us every day. Think of a good and merciful action you can do for someone today.

February 27 – MATTHEW 8 [Matthew 8-14: YouVersion Matthew Plan 2]

(v.18) Following Jesus is not always easy or comfortable. Do you wish you have more instructions on how to follow Jesus perfectly? It would certainly make serving Him so much easier. Jesus was always very direct with those who wanted to follow him. He made sure they counted the cost and put aside any conditions they might have for following Him. Nothing should be placed above a total commitment to living for Him. It’s must be a total love for Jesus and a commitment to living out that love in the world. Ask the Holy Spirit to search your heart to see if there’s any thing that takes priority above your commitment to love God and others. Be sure to share with a near one what you’ve discovered.

February 28 – MATTHEW 9

(v.21b) When it comes to faith, are you all in? It’s all or nothing. It’s not something we can switch on or off depending on the day or the circumstances. This woman had suffered long enough and did not worry about the correct way to reach out to Jesus. After she courageously reached out to touch Jesus’ cloak, she received healing. Like this woman, first reach out in faith. Jesus will respond. Pray and ask the Lord to help you lead others to a Jesus who will always respond even if the way they reach out to him is out of the ordinary. Who can you reach out to today as they journey towards Jesus—even if it’s in an unconventional way?


March 1 – MATTHEW 10

(v8) Freely receive … freely give. What have we freely received from Jesus? We have a new life by His transforming power. We have a new family. We have a new hope. Jesus gave the disciples a principle to guide their actions as they ministered to others. As Jesus sends each of us today, what have you received from God that you can give away? Take time to do an inventory of all that God has freely given to you. Prayerfully consider who you can generously offer your time, love and possessions.

March 2 – MATTHEW 11

(v4) Is Jesus really who He says He is? Is seeing really believing? Jesus answered John’s doubt by quoting the prophesies that John would have known and that were being fulfilled by Jesus who was healing the blind, lame, deaf, or had leprosy, raising the dead, and preaching the good news to the poor. With so much evidence, Jesus’ identity was obvious. Do you sometimes doubt? Do you know someone who’s doubting? Look into the Scriptures of what Jesus did and reflect on what He’s done in your life and in the lives of your near ones. When you doubt, don’t turn away from Christ, turn to Him. What does it do to your heart to know that God do not reject you because of your doubt but that he instead embrace in spite of your doubt?

March 3 – MATTHEW 12

(v50) Jesus cares about all people. He invites everyone into His family and embraces them all. Jesus points out that spiritual relationships are as binding as the physical ones. He paves the way for a new community of believers.  One that includes all people of all the nations, languages, and ethnicities—the Body of Christ. What a challenge Jesus sets before us—accepting and loving all peoples. Was there ever a time you exclude someone because of their difference? Ask God to put a deep love in your heart for all people and to give you the ministry of reconciliation. Be intentional in seeking out relationships with those who are different than you.

March 4 – MATTHEW 13

(v30) So often we limit our interactions to only people who hold the same views and values as we do. While this can be helpful in keeping us accountable, we must be consistently aware of the “weeds” in our world. Only Jesus can do the separating successfully. We must be like Jesus and become friends with sinners. How difficult is it for you to make friends with people of different views and values than you? Spend some time asking Jesus to help you gain a reputation like He had—a friend of sinners. (Matthew 11:19)

March 5 – MATTHEW 14

(v13) The pressures and needs of life will always be with us. If we address them from a place of frustration and tiredness, we will burn out. But if we address them from a place of refreshment, we have a greater capacity to deal with those stresses with joy. How are your emotional and exhaustion levels? Withdraw for a period of time and refresh yourself alone with Jesus.

March 6 – MATTHEW 15 [Matthew 15-21: YouVersion Matthew Plan 3]

(v8) Going to church and “doing our faith” is an essential part of expressing our faith but it should never be out of duty, obligation, guilt or fear. To have faith, we should live to worship and love God everyday throughout our whole life. We should joyfully share Jesus with others at every given opportunity. If someone walk upon you on your faith journey, what would their observation be? “Righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Ghost?” (Romans 14:17) Would they be excited to join you on your faith journey?

March 7 – MATTHEW 16

(vv25-26) How are you living your life? Are you living to live again? Or, are you living as if there is no afterlife? We make decisions everyday about how to spend our treasure and our time. Are these decisions made in light of things the world say will save our lives or what Jesus says will save our lives? Jesus gave us the ultimate example of what it means to lose one’s life to save others—His own sacrifice. Yet, in losing His life He lived out His purpose. Are you spending your life for eternity? Are you inviting others to lose their life for the sake of Jesus Christ and thereby gain it for all eternity?

March 8 – MATTHEW 17

(v23b) There’s a false message that unless you’re happy you are not a true Christian. But that is absolutely ridiculous. “Jesus wept.” (John 11:35) We are assured that God is with us. He does not ask us to deny our painful emotions such as grief, hurt, anger and doubt. Do you experience those emotions in loving caring relationships? Are you available to others who are experiencing hurt and aloneness? Do you unconditionally minister love and care to those in your world that is in any kind of pain? Ask the Lord to give you a heart of compassion to reach out to those who maybe alone in their pain.

March 9 – MATTHEW 18

(v15) Conflict is sure to arise at some time in our relationships. But strangely enough, talking about the issue behind someone’s back does not put a disagreement to rest. Jesus gives us very clear and simple steps to resolve conflicts. An unresolved issue remains unresolved and will negatively impact relationships either presently or in the future. Is there an unresolved issue in any of your relationships—spouse, children, parents, siblings, friends, church member, co-worker, etc.? Ask God to help you to follow the steps Jesus laid to resolve conflict. Do it with love and mercy so that peace will reign in your life.

March 10 – MATTHEW 19

(v20) It takes more than just obeying commands—checking a box—to follow Jesus. Have you ever asked yourself the question, “what do I still lack?” Do you already know the answer even as you’re asking the question? Jesus told the rich young man that he must do something completely different—sell everything and give the money to the poor. This exposed the man’s weakness and deepest desire. Are you aware of the needs of people around you? Be ready to give up all to follow Jesus by meeting those needs. Ask Jesus to show you how you can serve those in your community.

March 11 – MATTHEW 20

(vv9-16) Have you ever heard or said the phrase “that’s not fair” or “life isn’t fair?” This parable talks about an employee giving out wages in what seems like an unfair manner. Maybe like me, you struggle with the idea that God would be unfair. But, to think of it another way, we have benefitted greatly from God’s “unfairness.” If God was fair, then I would never enter the Kingdom of Heaven for I don’t deserve it. If God was fair, then I would never be able to receive His grace as nothing I could do could justify myself to Him. While God is just, He is not fair as we consider fairness. It’s because He is “unfairness” that I can receive the greatest gift of all—His unconditional love. Take some time to express your gratitude to God for his unconditional love for you. Look for opportunities today to share that love with someone else.

March 12 – MATTHEW 21

(v35) We may not beat, maim, or kill people, but we certainly could put ourselves before others; to be selfish and greedy in our desires. We can find ourselves focusing on only how we can lift ourselves up and be unaware of the impact we are having on the people we are pushing down. We do have the tendency to prefer ourselves over others. (Romans 12:3) God the Father thought of us first when He sent Jesus to die in our place. These are admonitions of how we are to think of the needs of others in relation to ours. Love God! Love people!

March 13 – MATTHEW 22 [Matthew 22-28: YouVersion Matthew Plan 4]

(v39) We can get caught up in the perception that “loving the Lord our God” means doing more for him—more praying, more Bible reading and memorization, more church attendance, etc. If we never get to the point of putting love into practice by loving others as ourselves, then we have missed the way we should express our love for God. Take some time and ask God to show you if there are areas in your life where checking a box is more important than being with Jesus and then loving others to Jesus.

March 14 – MATTHEW 23

(v5) Looks can be deceiving. People look at our outer expression of faith, but they look more closely at our inner convictions and how we live out those convictions in relationships. People have the ability to know when we care more about being devout for the purpose of being seen and praised. They also know whether our devotions come from a place of deep love for God and others. They are drawn to and will respond to the latter. Make a commitment today to live your faith in such a way that Jesus is the one who is seen and praised. In so doing, people will be drawn to him through your love and devotion to Him. Take some time to consider: Is your love for God and others attracting people to Jesus?

March 15 – MATTHEW 24

(v46) Integrity is such an important Christian characteristic, but perhaps it’s one of the hardest to produce. It’s easy to be nice and friendly to those we know and like, or when we are being noticed, but our real character comes out when we think no one is looking. Jesus was a great example of integrity and He gave us many parables to show the importance of being faithful to God at all times. It’s great to show our faith to encourage our fellow believer friends, but our real impact is made when we show our Godly integrity to those who are yet to believe in Christ. Do you act differently if you think no one is watching or will take notice?

March 16 – MATTHEW 25

(v3) Our actions have consequences. This passage gives the parable of the grave consequences for those who did not properly prepare for the Bridegroom. We cannot be complacent about our faith. What we do now will affect what happens in our future—both in our life and in the life of or near ones. It also impacts the future of those who don’t know Jesus; but needs us to bring them the Good News to them. With whom can you share the Good News of Jesus today?

March 17 – MATTHEW 26

(v56) We would all love to take the easy road. Easy weight loss. Get rich quick. Fifteen minutes of fame. There’s no easy pathway. If you’re looking to do something valuable, worthwhile, and eternal then it will take discipline, sacrifice, and commitment. Jesus knew that what He was about to sacrifice for us was worthwhile and eternal, so He gave everything. Is God calling you to love someone that is difficult to love; to forgive someone for something so egregious it seems impossible? It will cost, but it is worthwhile and eternal. Spend some time meditating on Jesus ultimate sacrifice for you. Ask Him to give you the strength to do what He is leading you to do.

March 18 – MATTHEW 27

(v.16) Jesus the Messiah had the same name as a famous criminal who was in prison at the time of Jesus’ trial. While I only ever hear him referred to as “Barabbas”, this passage mentions that his name is actually “Jesus Barabbas.” While Jesus was wrongfully accused and taken into custody to be beaten and crucified, this other Jesus, the criminal, was released and set free. While I don’t hear Jesus Barabbas’ name again, Jesus the Messiah’s name has been proclaimed in almost every corner of the world ever since that horrible day. Our names are important; however, they are not what forms us or gives us our future. We can have the best name in the world and yet achieve nothing worthwhile. On the other hand, we can have the worst name in history and still have the potential to change the world. Spend some time meditating on the name of Jesus—His love, grace, power to save. “There is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to people by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12) Have you shared Jesus with someone who needs Him lately? Make a commitment to make the name of Jesus known to everyone you meet. There’s power in His name!

March 19 – MATTHEW 28

(v17) Our expectations can greatly influence our thoughts. When the disciples met together after Jesus’ death, the last person they expected to see standing before them was Jesus Himself. Even when He stood in their presence some doubted. They had seen or heard what happened and it seemed unrealistic to expect that Jesus would rise from the dead and be standing in front of them. Jesus tend to go beyond our expectations. Can you recall a time when you prayed with expectation that Jesus would answer in one way and He answered in a totally unexpected way? Write a letter to Jesus expressing your gratitude for His starting love for you. Acknowledge that His ways and thoughts are so much higher than yours. (Isiah 55:8-9) Read your letter out loud to a near one!

March 20 – JOHN 11
March 21 – JOHN 12
March 22 – JOHN 13
March 23 – JOHN 14
March 24 – JOHN 15
March 25 – JOHN 16
March 26 – JOHN 17
March 27 – JOHN 18
March 28 – JOHN 19-20


April 1 – MARK 14-15
April 2 – MARK 16
April 3 – MATTHEW 26-27
April 4 – MATTHEW 28
April 5 – ECCLESIASTES 1 Ecclesiastes Overview & Week #1 of Reading Plan through the Bible APP: ECCLESIASTES Overview & ECCLESIASTES 1-6
April 10 – ECCLESIATES 6
April 11 – ECCLESIATES 7
April 12 – ECCLESIASTES 8 Ecclesiastes Week #2 of Reading Plan through the Bible APP: ECCLESIASTES 7-12
April 13 – ECCLESIATES 9
April 14 – ECCLESIATES 10
April 15 – ECCLESIATES 11
April 16 – ECCLESIASTES 12
April 17 – ECCLESIATES 1
April 18 – ECCLESIATES 2 Ecclesiastes Selected Readings for 14 Days from the Bible APP: ECCLESIASTES Selected Readings
April 20 – ECCLESIATES 4
April 21 – ECCLESIATES 5
April 22 – ECCLESIATES 6
April 24 – ECCLESIATES 8
April 25 – ECCLESIATES 9
April 26 – ECCLESIASTES 10
April 27 – ECCLESIATES 11
April 28 – ECCLESIATES 12
April 29 – ECCLESIATES 1


May 2 – ECCLESIATES 4 The Book of Ecclesiastes in 4 Day through the Bible APP: ECCLESIASTES In Four Days
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