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Roswell Street Baptist Church has been ministering within the heart of Marietta, Georgia for nearly 80 years. Following the tenets of the faith, our church family has a rich history of living and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have created a place where people of all ages can find a place to grow in their faith and find fellowship, especially our NextGen Kids and Students. When you visit, you will notice that we have people of various backgrounds who are doing life together both within the walls of the church and within the community. We are committed to Worship, Evangelism, Discipleship, Fellowship, and Missions. Prayer and Bible Study are key components within the life of the Church and are essential to our growth in the Lord!

Roswell Street Baptist Church entered into an interim time without a lead pastor in August of 2022. During the interim season, the Advisory Council and Executive Ministerial Staff are working together to design a ministry plan for the interim season. The Church has full confidence that all of the spiritual gifts required for the Lord’s glorification and the Church’s edification are present within the Church. During this interim season, we will hear from voices within the Church and encouraging guest speakers from outside of the Church. A Pastor Search Committee has been formed and is in the process of filling the pulpit with guest speakers. In the near future, this team hopes to secure an Interim Pastor. Once an Interim Pastor is located, the Pastor Search Committee will begin its search for a Lead Pastor.

We offer worship services in three languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish) as well as LifePoint Marietta Church, our mission church, that is currently meeting on our campus.

Plan a visit and see what the Lord is doing among the Church!

For more information about the Church and its ministries, contact JoeBuckner@RoswellStreet.com


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