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Welcome!|Bienvenida!|Bem Vinda!|ສະບາຍດີ!

Roswell Street Baptist Church has been ministering within the heart of Marietta, Georgia for nearly 80 years. Following the tenets of the faith, our church family has a rich history of living and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have created a place where people of all ages can find a place to grow in their faith and find fellowship, especially our NextGen Kids and Students. When you visit, you will notice that we have people of various backgrounds who are doing life together both within the walls of the church and within the community. We are committed to Worship, Evangelism, Discipleship, Fellowship, and Missions. Prayer and Bible Study are key components within the life of the Church and are essential to our growth in the Lord!

Our Church has recently entered into an interim time without a lead pastor. During this season, the Advisory Council and Executive Ministerial Staff are working together to design a ministry plan for the interim season. The Church has full confidence that all of the spiritual gifts required for the Lord’s glorification and the Church’s edification are present within the Church. During this interim season, we will hear from voices within the Church and encouraging guest speakers from outside of the Church. Our first step will be to enter into a season of prayer, followed by a nomination process as we elect the Pastor Search Team. The work of this team will begin by finding an Interim Pastor, followed by a search for a future Lead Pastor.

We offer worship services in four languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish, Laotian) as well as LifePoint Marietta Church, our mission church, that is currently meeting on our campus.

For more information about the Church and its ministries, contact

Sunday Schedule:

  • 9:30am – Life Groups (all life stages) HERE
  • 10:30am – Worship in English (Worship Center)
  • 10:30am – Worship in Spanish (Choir Room)
  • 10:30am – Worship in Laotian (B-132)
  • 11:00am – Worship in Portuguese (The Loft)

What should I wear?

We don’t really have a dress code, so come as you are. You will find that some of our people wear a coat and tie while others dress casually. The most important thing is that you are here, not how you are dressed.

Where should I park?

You can park anywhere around the building and enter where you see a Welcome Tent in place. We recommend entering through the main Worship Center entrance (brick columns facing Roswell Street) as our Welcome Team is best equipped in this location.

I have a Birth-PreK Child.

We offer childcare and an age-appropriate teaching time for preschool children at both the 9:30am Life Group hour and 10:30am Worship hour. Our Preschool Coordinator is Johana Daniels. She would love to answer any questions you may have:

I have a K-5th grader.

We offer age-appropriate teaching and activities for school-age children. Our typical schedule includes Life Groups for Children at 9:30am and Children’s Church at 10:30am. Children’s Church is in the Children’s Building located just off the East Parking Lot. Our Children’s Pastor, Ron Daniels, would love to connect with you to answer further questions:

I have a 6th-8th grader.

We offer age-appropriate teaching and activities for middle school students on Sundays and throughout the week.  On Sunday mornings, we offer Life Groups for Middle Schoolers at 9:30am in The Attic, right next to the Balcony of the Worship Center. Visit our Student Ministry Page. Our Student Ministry Leaders, Palma Hutchinson and Matt McCaslin, would love to connect with you to answer further questions: 

I have a 9th-12th grader.

We offer age-appropriate teaching and activities for High School Students on Sundays and during the week! On Sunday mornings, our typical schedule includes Life Groups for High School Students at 9:30am in The Loft. Visit our Student Ministries Page. Our High School Ministry Leaders, Matt McCaslin ( and Palma Hutchinson ( would love to connect with you!

I plan to attend a 9:30am Life Group.

We are excited to offer multiple Life Group options for adults in all life stages! You can view our Life Groups Page to see options and times that are currently available. You can also contact our Life Groups Assistant, Katrina Kelley ( to ask questions or to seek assistance in finding a Life Group that is appropriate for you and your family.

I plan to attend the 10:30am Service.

Park anywhere around the building. The best place to enter the building will be the Worship Center entrance (with the 5 brick columns facing Roswell Street). Plan to arrive by 10:15am so you can have enough time to park. Our Welcome Team will assist you with finding a place to sit in the Worship Center.

Will I be expected to give a financial gift?

We believe the Bible teaches Christians to give to the Church. We teach and preach giving so you will hear us talk about it, but there is no pressure to give. Giving to the Church comes from the heart and is voluntary. Most of our church members give to the Church regularly to support its Mission and Vision. For those who want to make a contribution to the Church and its ministries, visit the Giving Page.

How does your Lead Pastor preach?

The church is currently in an interim season as our lead pastor resigned on Sunday, August 21, 2022. The Advisory Council is working alongside the Executive Ministerial Staff to design an interim season plan for ministry. Various gifted preachers and teachers from within the current church staff and convention leaders will be filling the pulpit during this interim season. Messages from the pulpit are Bible-based, exegetical teachings that last approximately 30 minutes ending with a challenge and an opportunity for a ‘response’ from the congregation. This may include a time for the congregation to sing a response song, while some may choose to pray at the altar or with one of the ministers.

Define your musical worship style.

Our worship music is a blend of modern worship music and modernized hymns. You will hear a variety of musical styles represented in our worship gatherings. We don’t focus on the style of the music as much as the content of the lyrics. Are the lyrics Biblical? Do the lyrics glorify God and edify the Church? Check out our Worship Ministries Page.

What Ministries are available at Roswell Street.

Roswell Street has active Ministries that cover a variety of areas within the Church and the Community. Visit our Ministries Page to learn more about what is available and how you and your family can get involved.

Tell me about your Upcoming Events.

Roswell Street has many events and activities where people within the Church and Community can attend or enter to serve. We are especially excited about the vast opportunities that are available for anyone who has an interest in getting involved. Check out our Upcoming Events Page.