Called Virtual Church Business Meeting:

Overview: A virtual meeting of the church is being called by Pastor Michael on Sunday, April 11 @ 4pm on ZOOM in response to a Trustees recommendation for the sale of three pieces of property owned by the church. Please review the Motion and General Information sections below. The Zoom link to the meeting is available below.

Motion: The Roswell Street Baptist Church Trustees are recommending the sale of three RSBC church-owned properties located at 815 Mimosa Drive, 130 Parkview Drive and 57 Aviation Road.

General Information: The homes located at 815 Mimosa Drive and 130 Parkview Drive are both in disrepair and will require a significant amount of financial resources to bring them back up to a usable condition, and even further to market value. 815 Mimosa Drive has significant water damage due to its being flooded in 2019 due to a burst pipe. There are also several house and property issues that would need to be resolved if the church were to sell the properties at market value. 130 Parkview has driveway damage due to a large tree in the front yard as well as other issues inside the house.

The Trustees have weighed the options of the church weathering the costs to repair the homes. A subcommittee was formed to investigate the financial and people resources required to bring these houses and properties back up to a workable condition. The RSBC Builders for Christ were consulted and received a report that was helpful in recommending that the church consider selling the houses. The Trustee subcommittee has located an interested buyer who owns a company that can repair and sell homes and properties that are in disrepair. Over the past several days, several interested buyers have been located. Once given approval by the church, the Trustees will consider the best option and move forward with selling all three of the properties.

The property located at 57 Aviation Road is a vacant lot that is adjacent to the RSBC-owned parking lot across from the East Parking Lot. There is no mission for the future use of this property.

Questions: Can be directed to Trustee Chairperson Caric Martin, Trustee Project Manager Alex Owen, Executive Pastor Joe Buckner:

Topic: Sale of Properties

Time: Sunday, April 11, 2021 @ 4pm on ZOOM

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