Coronavirus Update: CHANGE


Late Friday afternoon, Governor Brian Kemp asked churches to consider cancelling their worship services in light of public safety. This results in a point of tension as we want to not neglect our assembly (Hebrews 10:24-25) but also appropriately submit to the governing authorities God has placed over us for our good (Romans 13:1,4).


CHANGE:  Updates for Sunday, March 15:


1. We will have 10: 30 A.M.  online services tomorrow. Our doors will not be locked for the few that trickle in. But we are strongly encouraging you to stay at home and worship with us online. You can do so by either going to the Roswell Street website or through Facebook Live. Instead of watching it while you do other things, set aside concentrated time to worship together with your family members or close friends present. Even if it’s 2 or 3, try not to watch alone. Plus, try to shout “amen” back at the screen so I know I’m not just preaching to a camera.


2. We will not have any childcare during worship tomorrow. We are planning on you not being here live, so no additional accommodations will be made. 


3. We will have a corporate time of prayer for our nation as we endure this crisis at our 6 p.m. House of Prayer Gathering via Facebook Live. I will encourage you to pray with your family members as you gather online.


4. I will be preaching to you a message from Matthew 14 entitled “RED LETTER OF JESUS GIVING REST IN OUR RESTLESS WORLD.” Please read the text beforehand and have your Bibles out while you view the service online.


5. We will still have a time to give tithes and offerings and will do so ONLINE.  We will not be passing a collection plate or bucket during the live service.


6. All other Sunday activities for March 15 are cancelled.


7. As stated in the previous update, all other ministries activities are suspended until further notice. This includes all weekday Bible studies, Wednesday night dinner, and every other aspect of what we normally do.


8. We have not made a decision about the next two Sundays (March 22, 29), but will let you know as soon as we have coordinated a plan. I would rather see what changes in the next few days, if anything, before finalizing our plan.


Thank you for your patience during this time of crisis and change. One thing we do know is that God often brings spiritual awakenings during times of national pain. This is the time where the church needs to be the church. Let’s share the gospel. Let’s look after our neighbor. Let’s wash our hands. Let’s not miss the window we have to BE the church God has called us to be.



What is RSBC doing in response to COVID-19?


  • Facility protocol changes:

    • Hand sanitizer stations will be placed around the campus and main entrances

    • We are even more aggressively disinfecting high traffic areas

    • Working to reduce the number of “touches” on a visit to Roswell Street

    • Outside doors will have greeters or will remain open

    • Worship Guides will not be handed out but will be available for you to pick up

    • No interactive greeting time during worship services (handshaking, hugs, etc.)

    • Deacons will collect offering at the doors of the worship center as congregants depart worship. Congregants can give online here:

  • Upcoming Mission Trips:

    • Cuba mission trip – canceled

    • Romania mission trip – canceled

    • France mission trip – canceled

    • Argentina mission trip – canceled

  • Upcoming Events:

    • Discover Roswell Street (Sunday, March 15) – canceled

    • Senior Adult Luncheon (Sunday, March 22) – canceled

    • RA Camp Caleo (Friday-Saturday, March 21-22) – canceled

  • Upcoming Trips:

    • Senior Adult Trip to LaGrange (March 26) – pending

  • Church Programming:

    • Except for Sunday worship services, discontinued until further notice

  • Church Staff Office Hours:

    • The staff will continue to work limited office hours while maintaining vigilance towards personal safety


What can YOU Do in response to COVID-19?

  • Participate in a PRAYER, CARE, SHARE strategy


      • How you can pray: 2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” As believers, we can trust that God brings triumph in our trials. As believers, we have the authority through Christ to pray against the spread of any disease and to pray for healing for those who have the Coronavirus.

    • Begin your prayer time by praising God for His sovereignty. He still is and always will be in control of all things. Pray that we will trust Him to help us navigate this season of uncertainty.

    • Pray for wisdom for governmental leaders, the CDC, researchers, other medical personnel, and leaders in churches and other strategic places to respond wisely and appropriately.

    • Pray for the protection of doctors, nurses, crisis response teams, emergency first responders, researchers and other medical professionals who risk their lives to protect ours.

    • Pray for comfort and healing for those stricken with this virus. Pray they will receive the quality health care they need to regain health and strength. Pray for their healing and for a vaccine to cure and eradicate this virus.

    • Pray for peace and calmness, as well as freedom from fear, anxiety, and panic among individuals and communities.

    • Pray that we would be proactive in proclaiming the gospel and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Pray that this event would be a catalyst for revival in Marietta and around the world.


        • Prepare to minister to fellow church members and neighbors, especially those who are older. If you live beside or are in close contact with families who have high-risk individuals in their homes, reach out to see if they need anything. Maybe that means offering to pick up supplies on your next trip to the store or dropping off some food if they’re unable to get out.


        • Look for opportunities to share the gospel. When conversations of fear and uncertainty arise with neighbors, talk about the hope you have in Jesus. Many people are looking for the answers that only He can provide.

        • Know how to gather with us online. If we are forced to cancel Sunday morning worship, we will provide an alternate way to gather online. Familiarize yourself with how to do so and invite others to join in. Worship online.

      • Give– Roswell Street is a generous church and we want to demonstrate our faith by giving in this time of crisis. The resources given help us to continue ministering to many local, national and international partners who will bring hope and relief in Jesus’ name. You can give by Online giving – INSERT LINK – or by coming by the church office during regular hours.