You can purchase your own copy of the “Draw The Circle” book at this LINK. Each book is $12. You can pick up your book in the Crossing. Katrina Kelley will have a record of your purchase when you see her there!

Prayer Group Host Meeting Time(s) Contact Information
Joe Buckner Mondays @ 10:00am
Mark Young Monday-Friday @ 6:33am
Iris Storey Monday, Tuesday, Thursday @ 12:00pm
Matt McCaslin & Palma Hutchinson (for students) Monday-Friday @ 8:26pm
Alex Cosio (in Spanish) Monday-Friday
William Johnson Monday-Friday @ 7:45am
Phil Sullivan Monday-Friday @ 4:30pm
Kyle McCranie Monday-Friday @ 7:14am
Russell Palmer Monday-Friday @ 7:14am
Alex Owen Monday-Friday @ 11:30am
Sandra Sommerman Monday-Friday @ 6:01pm
Anthony Iorillo Monday-Friday @ 7:14pm
Caric Martin Monday-Friday @ 5:00pm
Robin & Claire Redick Monday-Friday @ 8:05pm
Ron Daniels Monday-Friday @ 7:14am
 Liliana Lewis Monday-Friday @ 7:14am