“Fearless” Sermon Series

?FEARLESS ? Minimize Your Fears by Faith?

Sermon Series based on the Book of Joshua

Preached by Dr. Michael S. Lewis |?Roswell Street Baptist Church

April 28 ? June 16, 2019 | 10:30am Worship Services


Theme of Series ? ?Be Strong and Courageous? = FEARLESS

Take a glimpse at the last chapter of Deuteronomy. That final scene shows Moses standing on Mount Pisgah, gazing down at the land long promised, the land he will never enter. We can imagine him weary and worn from years of leadership. Moses died there in Moab, and the Israelites wept over his death for 30 days. What an honorable tribute it was to hear of his relationship with God: ?Since then, no prophet has risen in Israel like Moses, whom the Lord knew face to face? (Deut. 34:10). Gladly, the story does not end there. God’s relationship with His people did not end with Moses’ death. Joshua 1:1 picks up the journey of the people of God and their move to the Promised Land. Moses is dead, and Joshua is the one whom Moses mentored and also the one chosen by God to be Moses? successor to lead the people into the Promised Land. With much transition and uncertainty ahead, what did Joshua need to lead the people to victory? Joshua was weak and fearful, and the Lord commanded Joshua to ?Be Strong and Courageous? ? this was the command given several times by the Lord to His servant Joshua. In light of the enormous challenges, Joshua was to ?be strong and courageous? = i.e. Be fearless

  • as he followed as a leader in the shadow of a Moses,?
  • as he directed a spying expedition into the land,
  • as he led the people to cross the Jordan River at flood stage,
  • as he dealt with past shame of disobedience,
  • as he faced the towering walls of Jericho,
  • as he faced the demonic peoples of the land,
  • as he directed the division of the land?and as he came to the end of his life to prepare the people for the future.

In this sermon series, we will experience what it means to face our fears by faith just as Joshua. The REAL GOD of the Bible relates to us and is actively involved in His children?s lives leading us to triumph. As Spirit-empowered disciples of Jesus, we are called to walk by faith in face of fearful obstacles. This requires for us to listen to the Lord?s voice, be submission, be repentant of sin, be focused on the Lord by faith, and be empowered by His Spirit. This series will encourage believers, graduates, mothers, fathers, and the church to ?Be Courageous.?
Other possible tag lines ?

  • Facing Fears with Faith/ Demolish Fears by faith
  • What are you afraid of?
  • What causes you to fear? What are you needing courage to face? What challenges are causing you to fear?
  • Ask Joshua that question and you would get a list of things that created fear in his heart ? a vacillating people, unpredictable future without Moses, a flooded river to cross, towering walls to come down, demon-possessed armies to drive out and the future beyond?Idea ? facing strongholds like Jericho require working the Word? hurts, anger, fear, condemnation. Pulling Down Strongholds that Hold us back


Sunday, April 28 @ 10:30am – Joshua 1:1 ?Becoming Fearless before Giant Obstacles?

  • An overview of the Book of Joshua
  • Do the Book
  • Live in God?s Presence/ be empowered
  • What in Scripture do you need to experience? What Word do you need to Work?
  • Proverbs 4:23; James 1:19; 2 Corinthians 10:5; 2 Corinthians 13:2; Philippians 4:8; Luke 18:1; 1 Peter 2:2; Ephesians 4:29


Sunday, May 5 @ 10:30am – Joshua 1:1-9 ?Fearless in Transition ? Minimizing the Fear of Graduates?

  • Leaving the land of limits
  • Entering a land without limits
  • New diet, new way of living by faith,
  • Don?t be fearful, be faithful to God? by frequent experiences Scripture (ask yourself each day), fresh encounters with Jesus, faithful engagement in fellowship
  • Highlight parts of the IMPACT Bibles
  • Prayers of family and friends over graduates ? Perfect love praying
  • In note section ? ask graduates to write down their greatest fear?/ invite family or friends to pray over them


Sunday, May 12 @ 10:30am – Joshua 2:1-24 ?Fearless – Minimizing Fear as a Mother?

  • Don?t Let Fear Paralyze you
  • Act with Courageous Faith
  • Was Rahab a single Mother?
  • Don?t let the past define you
  • Look at her legacy/impact for future generations ? listed in the genealogy of Jesus
  • Impact of faith of a mother in a home/ to children – 1 Corinthians 7
  • Fears of mother ? working too much and not engaged with children ? young mother without husband raising children..Step-mom with step kids? single mom raising 3 children while wearing both parents’ hats every day? young woman with husband waiting for the arrival of your first child ? Mature mother who looks back on her life with regrets and wants to now impact grandkids?Mom who never knew her mother and longs how to care well for her family?
  • Perfect Love Praying ? with Moms? moms maybe write down one fear they are experiencing? invite fathers and children to pray with and for their moms
  • Idea for Gift of Courage ? maybe something with a Bible verse on it? Heb. 13: 5; Phil 4: 19; .. maybe a card that family could write Bible promise on ?


Sunday, May 19 @ 10:30am – Joshua 3: 1-4:24 ?Fearless ? When the River is Un-crossable?

  • Unknown paths, uncrossable rivers, undeniable Power of God
  • Stones of Remembrance ? write down one evidence when God showed Himself faithful ? share it with family ? child or grandchild
  • Use rocks/sharpies


Sunday, May 26 @ 10:30am – Joshua 5: 1-15 ?Fearless – Minimizing Past Shame? ? Memorial Day weekend

  • Forgetting what lies behind ? Philippians 3: 11
  • Need ?Gilgal moments? ? when we lay aside shame, regrets, past pain
  • Write down on sticky note something you would like for the Lord to remove from your life ? maybe something that the enemy uses from your past to hold you back from being all you can be in the present.
  • Pray together with friend or family member ? this will require Courage


Sunday, June 2 @ 10:30amJoshua 6: 1 – 27 ?Fearless – Let?s Give a Fearless ROAR? ? VBS Kickoff

  • Battle of Jericho
  • The Shout/ roar of an obedient people ? maybe use the sound clip of a lion roaring? later in the sermon the sound clip of people shouting in triumph
  • What ROARS should we give today? ? Prayer to God, Invitation to children, overcoming feelings of weakness as workers?
  • ROARS should be full of faith & enthusiasm
  • Anticipation of Strongholds falling down ? most of the homes in our city are surrounded with the strongholds of the enemy? Let?s ROAR with trust in our God who is triumphant
  • The Same God who caused the wall to fall in Jericho is the same God who can calls the walls/strongholds to fall in our day ? 2 Corinthians 10:3-5


Sunday, June 9 @ 10:30am – Joshua 7: 1 ? 8:35 ?Fearless ? Courageously Confronting Failures?

  • Little places cause the greatest defeats
  • Must face failures, not run from them
  • Failures require the experience of ?godly sorrow? 2 Cor 7: 10
  • Lead to experience ?godly sorrow leading to repentance?
  • Many have been running from failure ? now is the time to face it by faith and deal with it God?s way!
  • Noises of mourning and crying/ noises of shouts
  • Write down ? failures that you have experienced? lay them at the altar?


Sunday, June 16 @ 10:30am – Joshua 24:15 ?Fearless ?Maximizing Faith as a Father?

  • Reflection of Joshua?s leadership ? victory over southern and northern Joshua 9:1?12:24
  • Reflection on Dividing and inhabiting the land ? Joshua 13:1?21:45
  • Overview of Joshua?s final speeches ? Joshua 23:1?24:33 /focus on 24:15 as challenge for Fathers
  • Dads, can you say with Joshua these words to your wife and children? ? follow me as I follow Christ?
  • See ?Courageous Life Book? article ? good starter
  • Move from being ?good enough? dad to being a great dad ? by continual transformation as a disciple of Jesus
  • Call to Yieldedness, commitment, surrender ? point back to Joshua?s encounter with the Captain of the Lord of hosts
  • Confident praying ? 1 John 5: 14, 15 ? lead wives and children to pray over husbands/fathers ? asking according to God?s will ? expressing thanksgiving ?
  • Idea ? Have small boards/cards ? have Joshua 24:15 ? invite family to write a note of encouragement ? words that will edify

For more information on Pastor Michael’s sermon series, contact BambiMcLaughlin@RoswellStreet.com.