The mission of the pastoral Counseling Ministry of Roswell Street Baptist Church is to be a Christian Counseling Ministry to Marietta and beyond, reaching individuals and families in need by providing spiritual encouragement, Godly counsel, practical guidance and relational assistance, ministering to them through the discovery and application of spiritual truths in order that they may live richer and fuller lives.

To make an appointment, call the Church Office at 770.424.9800 or email:

Our Identity

Eastablished in 2008, the Pastoral Counseling Center is a ministry of Roswell Street Baptist Church.

The Pastoral Counseling Center of RSBC is:

  • a Christ-centered or Christian Counseling Ministry that believes a relationship with Jesus Christ is the key to finding and living a joyful and meaningful life.
  • a biblically-based ministry that seeks through counsel to explore the truth of God’s word and help others discover the life-changing meaning found in the theology and practice of scriptural principles in daily living.
  • a pastoral ministry that is both spiritual and practical in nature, helping people find wellness through addressing issues related to the whole person including the mind, emotions, body, and soul.
  • a discipleship based ministry that exists to grow and encourage healthy relationships with God and others.

Our Help

If you or someone you know is in need and has a desire to work toward a full, strong and meaningful life, Christian counseling can be of significant help. Because of the spiritually-based philosophy, Christian counseling encourages us to focus on the whole person which includes our mind, body, and soul.

In most cases, people can work out life’s smaller problems, but there are times in our fast-paced, stress-filled lives, that help is needed to cope, evaluate, or make decisions regarding the challenges that face us.

If you or someone you know is struggling with one of the following mental, relational, behavioral, or emotional issues, consider help from a Christian counselor.

  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Life transition issues
  • Spiritual growth
  • Child/Adolescent issues
  • Elder Care
  • Relational issues
  • Marital concerns
  • Behavior struggles
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Grief and Loss
  • Divorce

The Pastoral Counseling Center of RSBC Director – Dr. Scott New

Dr. Scott New has been an active duty Army Chaplain for close to 30 years. He directed a Christian Counseling Center in Columbus, GA, from 2002-2007 before becoming the RSBC Counseling Center Director in 2008. Dr. New earned his Doctor of Ministry degree in marriage and family from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA, in 2005. He earned his Master of Arts degree in marriage and family counseling from California Family Study Center in Burbank, CA, in 1987. He earned a Master of Divinity degree from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1973.