Jesus taught about the calling of Christians to be servants. “The greatest among you shall be your servant. And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.” (Matthew 23:11-12) The word “deacon” comes from the Greek work “diakonos” which literally means “through dust.” The concept of raising dust suggests a servant hastening to serve or to wait on his master.

The Bible teaches that deacons should possess Christian purpose, spiritual integrity, proven spiritual maturity, a Christian family life, honesty in speech, temperance in living and good stewardship of possessions. Annually, the church considers men who meet these qualifications and who could serve as deacon in the upcoming year. Deacon terms last three years.


Deacon Officers
Russell Palmer, Chairman
Alex Owen, Vice-Chairman
Robert McMaster, Secretary


Group #1
Andy Harrison, Leader
Allen Storey
Sergio Valdez
Leonard Holcomb
Matt McCaslin
Tony Johnson
Bryan Lumpkin
Miguel Caro


Group #2
Gary Stevens, Leader
Robbie Dickerson
Bill Kelley
George Essaff
Bobby Harbuck
Scott Howerton
Wagner Almeida
Roger Bartlett


Group #3
Ken Adams, Leader
Steve Gallman
Doug McElhaney
David Beeler
Greg White
Sean Kelley
Jerry Lawson
Greg Marshall


Group #4
Ron Pierce, Leader
Byron Keel
Jose Diaz
Randy Henson
David McCurdy
Roberto Martinez
Chip Elliot
Kyle McCranie


Group #5
Harry Christian, Leader
Tony Patti
Carey Cole
Wilfredo Mendez
Terry Hardy
Reese Ray
Milo Watson


Group #6
David Sommerman, Leader
Ron Bond
Phil Sullivan
Billy Rogers
David Westerfield
Greg Dyer
Bill Cloys
Frank Ketchum

Group #7
Anthony Iorillo, Leader
Doug Rathel
Don Pickelsimer
Mike Lawrence
Greg Trammell
Bob English
John Umphlett
Tracy Ellis