Keeping Marriages Healthy (Live Online)

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  • Develop intimacy through four key ingredients of an intimate relationship
  • How do I better understand emotions?
  • How do we handle conflict?
  • Receive a discount on marriage license fees

Keeping Marriages Healthy (Online)

  • A 6 session, self-paced version of Keeping Marriages Healthy
  • 50-minute follow-up session with a relational coach
  • Receive a discount on marriage license fees

Marriage and Relationship Videos

When we are For One Another, we can win in our relationships. Check out these videos for insight on how to have a thriving marriage.

Marriage & Relationship Videos ( Channel)

Marriage Journey

A community for married and engaged couples of any age who desire to make this marriage a Lifetime Marriage.

Relational Needs Assessment

Find out more about the relational needs and learn what your top three needs are!

Date Nights

Download our ten guides to host a date night for you and your significant other. These printable guides can help you connect as a couple in a new and caring way.

What We Need For A Great Marriage Growth Plan

Our Great Marriages growth plan is designed for you to follow individually or as a couple. This step-by-step plan can be separated into six days of content or done as a date night option.

Great Relationships Need An Affection Growth Plan

This Growth Plan teaches on the relational need of affection. Learn how you receive and give affection and how you can incorporate it into your relationship!

Thrivent® Financial Articles

Learn more about how to have a healthy relationship with your finances. These articles were created in partnership with Thrivent Magazine.

Meet with a Relational Coach

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