Relational Ministries

People are relational by nature. God designed us to live in community. Whether it’s getting along with the person next door, having a great marriage, dating well, or having amicable workplace interactions, we all experience fuller lives through positive relationships. Strong relational skills are foundational for living out God’s command for us to love one another, but it isn’t always easy.

Roswell Street offers many great opportunities to learn and practice useful relational skills based on Biblical principles:

Parenting: “Train up a child in the way he should go,” (Proverbs 22:6) is great advice, but we could all use a little help with just how to do it. Relational parenting workshops and classes are offered periodically throughout the year. Learn to find an effective balance between rules and relationship through knowing your child’s emotional and spiritual needs.

Marriage: Jesus said, “and the two shall become but one flesh. What God has joined together, let no man separate,” (Matthew 19:6). Whether you are nearly wed, newlywed, or are a seasoned veteran, you can find hope and healing for a troubled relationship, make a good marriage great, or even make a great marriage holy. We offer an array of enjoyable and practical classes and workshops that lead couples into personal encounters with each other as well as the God who created and ordained marriage.

To learn more about upcoming classes and workshops, contact Robin and Claire Redick.

Men, contact Robin.
Ladies, contact Claire.

You can also check out our events sign up page.

Need some support in your marriage or just a friendly ear? No need to go it alone. Please reach out. Be sure to give us a good way to contact you back.

Robin, Claire, Bradon & Hadley Redick