New Beginnings in the Word Sermon Series

?New Beginnings in the Word”

A Sermon Series Based on Psalm 119″

Sundays, January 6-February 17

What?s ahead for the new year of 2019 for the Roswell Street Baptist Church family? What?s ahead are ?New Beginnings? for us in God?s Word!? The Lord promises that He will make ?Everything New? ? Revelation 21:5; Isaiah 43:19; 2 Cor. 5:17. The Lord?s heart for us as His children is for spiritual transformation and growth in His Word by His Spirit through His Son daily.

Join Pastor Michael as we are challenged to go deeper in our love for the Lord in His Word by experiencing portions of the longest chapter in the Bible, Psalm chapter 119. The emphasis of this chapter is ?the vital ministry of the Word of God in the inner spiritual life of God?s children.?

  • This chapter is not only unique in its length but also in its symmetry, for it is laid out to coincide with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.
  • The Psalm is a mosaic arranged around the central theme of God?s Word being a perfect acrostic structure. Each of the 22 stanzas contain precisely 8 verses and each of the 8 verses correspond with the letter of the Hebrew alphabet (each letter being represented 8 times? for instance, the first 8 verses all begin with the Hebrew letter aleph; the next begin with the letter gimel and so on.)
  • Interesting that there are 8 verses in each stanza, for the number eight is the ?number of NEW BEGINNINGS? in the Bible ? Noah was the 8th person in the Ark (Genesis 7: 7; 2 Peter 2: 5) and the one who began the human race anew. The Hebrew male child is to be circumcised on the 8th day of his new life. On the 8th day (the first day after the Sabbath), Jesus Christ came bursting forth from the grave. This Psalm is to be one of NEW BEGINNINGS. This is why this 7-part series is entitled ? ?New Beginnings in the Word.?


The goal for this sermon series?is for every member of the Roswell Street Church family to cultivate a deepened love for God’s Word!

  • REFLECT – Reading the Bible through in 2019 ? using the The ONE YEAR Bible reading plan
  • RESPOND – Experiencing the Bible daily ? What Bible text did I experience today? Maintaining a Spiritual journal.
  • REPEAT – Sharing what is being experienced from the Word with others.
  • ENCOUNTERING the Lord in fresh ways for spiritual transformation.
  • Experiencing UNITY in the church centered on the Written Word of God & Living Word ? i.e. the Church catching a spiritual fire of Burning hearts like the Disciples on the road to Emmaus ? Luke 22: 35
  • Multiplication of Disciples who love God (by abiding in His Word), loving people (acting of His Word), leading others to do the same (sharing His Word).
  • SEEING Marriages, families and friendships centered around conversations in the Word by sharing in family devotional times.


January 6: Psalm 119:105 – ?New Beginning by Walking in the Light?

3 Sources Light ? God?s Son, God?s Word, God?s People

  • Walk in the Light of the Living Word. Observe the characteristics of the Bible & how they parallel with the characteristics of our Lord Jesus Christ ? i.e the Written Word of God points to the Living Word of God (John 5: 39)
  • Walk in the Light of the Written Word. ? Desire the Word, Depend on the Spirit, Discipline yourself
  • Walk in the Light of Practicing the Word. Read the Bible with fellow believers ? for encouragement & accountability. Respond to the Bible ? journal, life-application daily ? logos becoming rhema

Repeat / Share what you are learning from the Word with others. ? Ok to have honest and transparent dialogue ? key to passing our faith on to the next generation.?Note ? Psalm 119: 18 ? Daily Prayer for Illumination in the Light of the Word


January 13: Psalm 119:147 -??New Beginning for New Disciplines in the Word?

  • Discipline of Early Morning Prayer – vs. 14
  • Discipline for Early Morning Preparation – vs.150
  • Discipline for Great Commandment Priorities – vs. 151 ? 152

January 20: Psalm 119:9-16 – ?New Beginning by Heart Response to the Word?

Meditation in the Word, Memorization of the Word, Multiplication of the Word through our lives

  • Heeding / Responding to the Word with your heart
  • Hiding the Word in your heart
  • Helping Others in the Word from your heart
  • Honoring the Word with your heart

January 27: Psalm 119:33?40 – ?New Beginning by Being Changed by the Word?

Teachable attitude/moldable ? avoiding 1 Cor 8:1 ?puffed up?

  • A Mind Transformed by God?s Word
  • Steps Guided by God’s Word
  • A Heart Transformed by the Word
  • A Life Devoted to God?s Word

February 3: Psalm 119:41?48 – ?New Beginning to Boldly Share God?s Word?

  • Be Ready to Give an Answer from the Word
  • Be Ready to Speak the Word
  • Be Ready to Live out the Word
  • Be Ready to Confess the Word

February 10: Psalm 119:49?56 – ?New Beginning by Experiencing the Word?

Challenge ? Don?t just read the Bible; allow the Bible to read you / Don?t just ?go through? the Bible; allow the Bible to ?go through? you ? thoughts, relationships. Witness

  • Experience the Word through Prayer – vs. 49
  • Experience the Word?s Comfort – vs. 50 – 51
  • Experience the Word by Remembering – vs. 52
  • Experience the Word by Singing – vs. 54 – 56

February 10: Psalm 119:89?96 – ?New Beginning with Security in the Word?

  • Depend on the Unshakable Word
  • Delight in the Unshakable Word
  • Devote Yourself to the Unshakable Word for Security and support

February 17: Psalm 119:136 – ?New Beginning with Freeing Power by the Word?

  • Freedom to See through a New Perspective
  • Freedom to Feel with a New Heart
  • Freedom to Learn with a New Mentality