Pastor Search Committee Highlights

11/29/22 Update

Your PASTOR SEARCH TEAM (PST) invited the Advisory Council (AC) members to share their insight as to multiple areas:

  • the state of RSBC overall vision, financial status, day-to-day operations, and potential direction as to interim pastoral role.
  • the relatively new role of a transitional pastor, as compared to the traditional interim pastor role.
  • Sharing our thanks to the AC and staff for its outstanding work in having already obtained pulpit supply in place through the end of 2022, and
  • the PST accepted the responsibility of pulpit supply going forward.

As we go forward, our church family is encouraged to be actively present and attentive each Sunday as we invite multiple speakers to fill the pulpit.  We look forward to their bringing a Word from the Lord  to us in this time of transition, with an eye toward potentially filling the role of transitional pastor while we continue our search for a lead pastor for the future of RSBC. 

Join in with us in  prayer for . . .

  • Clear messages to encourage and equip RSBC in the interim,
  • Clear direction as to how one of these men may lead us in the interim,
  • Clear leading from the Lord as to whom we should invite to fill the pulpit
  • Clearly identifying who we should recommend to the church family to serve as an interim leader of our church family and staff.

As we enter the Advent season, we are reminded of Israel’s reliance upon multiple prophecies as they expectantly awaited the coming of the Messiah (Isaiah 7:13-14; 9:1,6-7; 11:1-5; Micah 5:2).  Similarly, while we are in a time of transition, our church family maintains confident HOPE of God’s eternal plan and purpose continuing to be worked out through us.  In return, we offer ourselves as a people individually committed to living out our Christian faith daily and corporately engaged in the fulfilling of God’s Great Commandment and Great Commission.


11/21/2022 Update

As we begin our service as your PASTOR SEARCH TEAM, we are thankful for your commitment to JOIN IN the process of identifying the pastor-shepherd for our church both in the interim and in the long term.  To do that, we ask for two things from our church family :

  • INTERCEDE with us and for us in prayer for unity of Spirit and clarity of direction as we hear from, review, meet with, and make decisions as to an interim pastor and ultimately a senior pastor. We would welcome your praying for a particular team member by name and sending encouragement to them personally as you are led to do so.


Noemi Caro –

Kerry Jackson –

Bill Kelley –

Susan Lyle –

Bryan Lumpkin –

Dawn McElhaney –

Russell Palmer –

Sandra Sommerman –

Mitch Walker –

  • ENGAGE individually to seek the Lord’s direction in your own life to live out your Christian faith in your everyday life and in the life of your church. If we are individually subject to living out Christ’s life daily, then we will anticipate 1 Corinthians 1:10 being exhibited –  “that there be no divisions among [us], but that [we] be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.”

Among our initial actions, we selected the following persons to serve in particular structural roles as a church committee :

  • Chairman : Bryan Lumpkin
  • Vice-Chairman : Bill Kelley
  • Scribe : Dawn McElhaney

In addition, and more importantly, we have identified several other roles to be accomplished by individual members, connected with each members’ particular gifting, talents, and experience.  Together, we look forward to working in tandem to address the many tasks before us.  To that end, we cannot ask too often for your continued prayer support for us as we serve you in this vital responsibility.