Virtual Churchwide Business Meeting - Sunday, August 23, 2020 @ 5:00pm

Motion: The RSBC Trustees are recommending the sale of a single parcel of land that includes both 52 Victory Drive and 70 Victory Drive across the street from the main campus (pictured below).

A Brief History of the Property:

At the July 15, 2020 Trustees Meeting, Chairperson Lisa Brennan introduced Denine Attride, a commercial broker from Berkshire-Hathaway, who gave a research presentation on the property denoted from the public record as 52 Victory Drive and 70 Victory Drive. Denine’s presentation concluded that the property was zoned commercial, is most attractive to a developer looking to build a 3-6 unit townhomes or apartments, is estimated in value at approximately $250,000 when measured against comparable properties, could potentially take between 1-9 months to sale, and that the current selling market is strong. A brief discussion occurred before the question was called and the motion passed unanimously. The Trustees further approved going with a Berkshire-Hathaway commercial agent for its sale.

This single parcel of land is made up of multiple lots that have been acquired by Roswell Street Baptist Church over the past 45 years. In 2004, the RSBC Journey In Faith master plan was presented to and was approved by the Marietta City Council. As part of the approval process, RSBC was required to build a detention pond to satisfy the water runoff that was overly taxing the city’s drainage and water pipes to the Southwest of the property. The primary issue was mostly impervious surfaces across the church campus.

The Trustees originally intended to use the 52 Victory Drive and 70 Victory Drive parcels of land as a potential location for a detention pond. However, a less expensive and more practical path was executed in 2015 when an under-parking lot detention pond was installed in the Southwest portion of the West Parking Lot. At this point, this parcel of land is sitting vacant with no clear mission for its purpose. The Trustees are recommending the sale of the property to offset ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the facilities, most notably re-roofing the C and D buildings.


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