Current Sermon Series

TOGETHER Sermon Series

Division, discord, debates, and darkness are filling our culture in every dimension of our society. God in His living Word provides the solution these challenges in His reconciled people being agents of reconciliation in the culture with the message of reconciliation, the Good News about Jesus’ love. God in His infinite wisdom gave His letter written to the Hebrews (Jewish Christians) in 1st century who were experiencing major disruption by persecution and dissolving of the Temple system. One major theme which runs throughout the letter to the Hebrews is the exhortations of togetherness – “Let Us” … It does not say, “Let you” but “Let Us.” Living for Jesus is not a solo event, but a team experience where a community of fellow believers is experienced. One key insight from these passages is – When turbulence is experienced, Relate – don’t react.

Relationships do not just happen; Sharing life together requires commitment from one heart to another. Aloneness is removed when fellow believers commit to one another – “I will pray together… I will grow together in Christ. I will gather together in worship…” The prayerful outcomes for this series is to move believers from aloneness to deepening community by responding to the 14 “Let us” texts throughout the book of Hebrews.

Here are few key insights to be imparted and experienced by the church family as we journey in this series of 7 weeks:

  • A significant measure of the hope God which has in mind for you will be received by deepening relationships with one another – Yet understand that self-reliance can hinder this blessing.
  • A significant measure of the hope that others need is to be shared in relationship with us – Yet our self-focus can hinder this blessing.
  • Just as hope is found in the Person of Jesus and the truth of His Word, God’s design is for hope to be freely given and received among His people.