“Walk In The Light” Sermon Series

Walk in the Light” – Sermon Series based on 1 John

Sundays, September 15 – November 24 @ 10:30am (Worship Center)

By Dr. Michael Lewis @ Roswell Street Baptist Church


What: “Walk In The Light” Message Series

When: Sundays, September 15 – November 24 @ 10:30am

Where: Worship Center

Pastor Michael is doing an expository message series from the Book of 1 John entitled “Walk In The Light.”

Giving a deeper exposition of Jesus? final words to His disciples in the Upper Room ? John 12: 35 ? What does it mean that Jesus gave the Discipleship Imperative to ?Walk in the Light lest the darkness overtake you? ? John the beloved disciple who was in the upper room when Jesus spoke this explains in His little letter of 1 John ?

*Walk in the Light ? By Faithful Engagement in Fellowship 1 Jn 1:1 -4
*Walk in the Light ? By Fresh Encounters Jesus 1 Jn 1:5 ? 2:2
*Walk in the Light ? By Frequent Experiences with the Word 1 Jn 2:3?14
*Walk in the Light ? To Escape the Darkness of the World 1 Jn 2:15?23
*Walk in the Light ? By Abiding in Jesus, the Word, & fellowship 1 Jn 2:24?29
*Walk in the Light ? of the Glorious Revelation of Jesus 1 Jn 3:1?10 ? with hearts of anticipation and appreciation
*Walk in the Light ? by Loving One Another ? 1 Jn 3:11?24
*Walk in the Light ? To Escape the Darkness of Deception 1 Jn 4:1-6
*Walk in the Light ? of Resurrection Life 1 Jn 4:7?16
*Walk in the Light ? of Perfect Love 1 Jn 4:17?21
*Walk in the Light ? of the New Birth 1 Jn 5:1?4
*Walk in the Light ? of Jesus? Life in You 1 Jn 5:5?13
*Walk in the Light ? of Confident Praying 1 Jn 5:14?21

The challenge of this Series is to encourage multiplication of Disciples in D-Groups? Calling maturing believers to form D-groups? Calling hungry believers who desire discipleship to indicate their desire?

How can D-Group process go to the next level at RSBC?

If making disciples of Jesus who love God, love one another, and lead others to be disciples is really the MISSION of Jesus for Roswell Street, then what do we all need to do to take this to the next level?

Every leader ? leading a D-Group
Every member ? a part of a D-Group
Everyone being involved in at least one ?Come and See? visit this quarter?

Contact: BambiMcLaughlin@RoswellStreet.com