Upcoming Events at Roswell Street

What: "What's So Special About Christmas?" Sermon Series

When: Sunday, December 5 @ 10:30am; Sunday, December 12 @ 10:30am; Sunday, December 19 @ 10:30am; Friday, December 24 @ 6pm

Where: Worship Center

Event Description: Christmas is the most celebrated holiday on Earth. Every December half the globe puts up lights and trees, makes special foods, exchanges gifts, attends parties, travels to see family, and talks about peace on Earth. But why? What’s so special about Christmas?

Ironically, most people who celebrate Christmas do not understand what makes it so special. To many people, Christmas is nothing more than gifts and Santa Claus or a nice season to have parties. Oh, they do know that somewhere in the background the holiday is tied to the baby Jesus, but their knowledge somehow never reaches their hearts. Jesus gets thrown in the basket along with decorations, cookies, and presents.
The problem with this thinking is that Jesus never becomes anything more than a baby in a manger. And if Jesus is nothing special, then neither is Christmas. The beauty of the holiday rests on the beauty of the Savior. If we miss the beauty of our Savior, we miss the beauty of Christmas.

Join us for this special Christmas sermon series where we will answer the question, "What Is So Special About Christmas?"

Contact: BambiMcLaughlin@RoswellStreet.com

What: Community Christmas Celebration

When: Sunday, December 12, 2021 @ 6pm

Where: RSBC Worship Center (online @ https://www.facebook.com/roswellstreetbc/ and https://roswellstreet.com/live/)

Event Description: A powerful Christmas event, the annual Marietta Community Christmas Celebration attracts crowds within the Marietta community and beyond! Featuring the rich talents of the RSBC Worship Ministry, you will experience the reminiscent sounds of the Christmas season along with the meaningful Nativity Narrative of the birth of Jesus Christ as read by several families from within the RSBC congregation!

Contact: LindaMatthews@RoswellStreet.com

What: Family Christmas Party

When: Friday, December 17, 2021 @ 6:30pm

Where: Fellowship Center

Event Description: A fun-filled evening for the entire family featuring food, activities, music, and more. For all families of preschoolers, children, and students.


Contact: ClaireRedick@RoswellStreet.com

What: Christmas Caroling (for RSBC Homebound Members)

When/Where: Sunday, December 19

  • Lunch @ 11:45am (Fellowship Center)
  • Depart For Caroling @ 12:30pm (Two Teams)

Event Description: Bring your family and join us for a meaningful time of sharing the joy of the Christmas Season with many of our RSBC Homebound Members. We will meet for a free lunch at 11:45am, group into teams led by Joe Buckner & Bill Kelley and depart by 12:30pm on assignment to sing Christmas carols at 20+ Homebound Member Homes within the community.

Contact: ClaireRedick@RoswellStreet.com

What: Christmas Eve Candlelighting Service

When: Friday, December 24 @ 6pm

Where: Worship Center (In-Person) & Online through Facebook Live & the RSBC website here: https://roswellstreet.com/live/

Event Description: An event for the entire family, the Christmas Eve Candlelighting Service celebrates the night that Jesus Christ was born! A children's message, festive Christmas carols, an inspirational message culminating with lighting candles and singing "Silent Night, Holy Night!"

Contact: BambiMcLaughlin@RoswellStreet.com


Contact: LindaMatthews@RoswellStreet.com